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Welcome! My name is Victoria Mansfield. I am an award-winning quilter and patchwork teacher. I have been quilting for over fifteen years and sewing for nearly forty.I am extremely passionate about all things Quilty and as well as running my own quilting service, I work at Pleasuresew in Capalaba, where I teach patchwork and quilting.I’d love to help you finish those quilts with beautiful computerised edge to edge or custom quilting!
I quilt on a Handi Quilter Fusion with Prostitcher Premium.
Please contact me to discuss your requirements and get a quote.Current turnaround is 1-3 weeks for edge to edge quilting.

Pricing + Preparation

I love nothing more than quilting and helping you finish those quilts! Following the steps below will help us to achieve the best possible result for your quilt.The current turnaround is 1-3 weeks from receipt of the quilt and finalisation of design choices.I offer both computerised edge to edge quilting and custom quilting. I'm happy to discuss design choices or I can choose for you.
Check out the design choices on the E2E Quilting Designs tab...
If you don't see something you like, I'm happy to purchase another design - let me know and I'll look for something else!

PricingEdge to edge is priced by the square inch and determined by the density of the quilting. Most of the designs I offer are available in low, medium or high density. Prices include thread but do not include batting.Low Density - 3c / square inch
Medium Density - 4c / square inch
High Density - 5c / square inch
Calculation: width x length x $0.04 for medium
Eg: 60 x 75 x $0.04 = $180
Custom quilting is done by negotiation.Minimum price is $80, however I can combine multiple small items on the same back for a per inch fee.Thread is included in the quilting fee. I use only high quality quilting threads such as Wonderfil, Aurifil, Omni and Superior Threads. I usually choose a neutral thread colour to blend with the lighter fabrics in your quilt top, however I'm happy to go with your preference also.I also offer trimming, basting and binding services - please contact me for more details.Payment is due on collection of quilt.


🪡 Please press your quilt top and trim any loose threads on the back, especially those dark threads near light fabrics.🪡 Stay stitch any pieced or bias edges to prevent seams from unravelling or the borders from stretching.🪡 Mark the top of the quilt and backing with a safety pin.🪡 The back and batting should be 8 inches longer and wider than your quilt top. If your quilt top is 60" x 72" then your back needs to be 68" x 80".🪡 Attaching borders with a walking foot and measuring your top at the sides and middle before borders, taking the average of these 3 measurements, cutting your borders to this size and pinning all along, will help reduce wavy borders. If your borders are wavy, I can help to minimise this to some extent but there is only so much I can do during the quilting process!🪡 Batting - there are many choices on the market, however I like to use and recommend Matilda's Own battings as they are Australian made! They offer polyester, cotton, wool and blends of these. I can supply these for you if required or you can supply your own quality batting. If you'd like me to supply batting just ask for a quote.


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Email me above or phone on 0402 322 043